W-C-X Double Chaika Extreme – Hitsugi no Chaika V12 Ex3


Here we go. Finally made it to the end of this short story. I kinda liked it, actually. Reading every part of this story made me remember why I liked Chaika so much, so I hope everyone else enjoyed this short ride just like I did.

I still have no idea when this is supposed to take place though.

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This took longer than it should have – Hitsugi no Chaika V12 Ex2


Would you this Chaika?

Well last time I did say things would slow down here, but I didn’t expect it would take me this long to get this done. It’s been over two months since I last updated, and I’m sure some thought I had given up on it at this point, considering there was only a couple of weeks between the last two updates and now it took me over two months.

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Kaoru is best Amagami- Hitsugi no Chaika V12 Ex1(cont.)

1361806171958I should probably get off my ass and finish my work with Amagami. I’ve realized having to worry about both Amagami and Chaika is gonna drive me crazy so things are probably gonna slow down a bit with Chaika until I’m done with that other thing. See, I only really have time to work on translating during the weekends, so there’s only so much I can do while I’m working on both at once, not to mention I’m not dedicating my entire weekend to them, I want some rest, you know?

Anyway here you go, right where I left off last time:

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