UMI DA (pan to the sky) – Shokugeki no Soma -a la carte- V1 Ch2.5


It’s Magical Cabbage again. Just with a bit more Dojima.

Also season two. Cool.

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The Takumi Show, featuring some guys who aren’t Takumi – Shokugeki no Soma -a la carte- V1 Ch2


I apologize for taking so long on this, but it’s done. Lots of things happened, but it’s fine now so I hopefully won’t take this long for another chapter again. There’s gonna be an OVA or something about this chapter soon too, so look forward to that. Enjoy Takumi being bullied.

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Mapo Tofu Desire – Shokugeki no Soma -a la carte- V1 Ch1.5


Terunori Kuga x Kamen Rider Kuuga by Drawfag

College is off to a rough start so it took me a while to get started on this even though it’s so short. Things like this happen too. I’m back to mostly only being able to work on shit during the weekends. It’s dark times indeed.

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Don’t say no, just cook more – Shokugeki no Soma -a la carte- V1 Ch1


So here it is, I had wanted to try doing this one for a while already, but due to various problems popping up I just couldn’t finish it. Anyway, this is the first chapter of the light novel version of Shokugeki no Soma, which is just a collection of interesting side stories, which I’m planning to do the whole thing, so yeah, I hope I can get the next chapter done soon, but I’ll have to take my time with it so everything goes fine.

Also Fate/Grand Order is great and Overlord is AOTS.

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