Backstage Haruka Lewds– Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch5

So after like 20 years I finally get to post this. Sorry it took so long. Ironically it’s probably the chapter with the least text to translate. Now, I have a couple of things to say. I don’t really like writing long posts but bear with me here.

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Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person ー Amagami Challenge


Another promotional manga by Piaisai. This one was published in Comic Clear together with Amagami LS so the page’s quality is equally as potato. I had to Waifu2x them again.

Hikari route ends next week. It was very nice but I’m looking forward to Toru a lot.


∀Amagami feat. Lt. Junichi Ord – Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch3


Happy New Year, here’s a thing!

Every chapter so far has had Risa hiding in the backgrounds. I wonder if anyone’s been able to spot her.

5 days left until Seiren! Kuroki Honoka worked really hard during C91 so let’s hope S2 and the Ruise arc happen!


Everyone Loves Umehara -– Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch2


Merry Christmas I guess, hope everyone rewatched Amagami.

Less than two weeks until Seiren airs!


I’m not good at typesetting – Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch1


Ok so I died for almost a year, but I figured I should come back to do this, because it’s worth it.

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