Backstage Haruka Lewds– Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch5

So after like 20 years I finally get to post this. Sorry it took so long. Ironically it’s probably the chapter with the least text to translate. Now, I have a couple of things to say. I don’t really like writing long posts but bear with me here.

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Junichi Meets Bitches & Whores – Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch4


I had to ask santa, the author of this manga about this after seeing it. I’m pretty convinced it is them. Kyouko’s profile text on the Seiren PV said she used to play on that same park when she was a kid.

Also found a new hint on this chapter regarding to what year Amagami actually takes place in.



∀Amagami feat. Lt. Junichi Ord – Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch3


Happy New Year, here’s a thing!

Every chapter so far has had Risa hiding in the backgrounds. I wonder if anyone’s been able to spot her.

5 days left until Seiren! Kuroki Honoka worked really hard during C91 so let’s hope S2 and the Ruise arc happen!


Everyone Loves Umehara -– Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch2


Merry Christmas I guess, hope everyone rewatched Amagami.

Less than two weeks until Seiren airs!


I’m not good at typesetting – Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch1


Ok so I died for almost a year, but I figured I should come back to do this, because it’s worth it.

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