Backstage Haruka Lewds– Amagami LS ~Haruka Another~ Ch5

So after like 20 years I finally get to post this. Sorry it took so long. Ironically it’s probably the chapter with the least text to translate. Now, I have a couple of things to say. I don’t really like writing long posts but bear with me here.

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Final Seiren Timeline & Takayama Character Chart

Forgot to put these up before

Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person ー Amagami Challenge


Another promotional manga by Piaisai. This one was published in Comic Clear together with Amagami LS so the page’s quality is equally as potato. I had to Waifu2x them again.

Hikari route ends next week. It was very nice but I’m looking forward to Toru a lot.


I like Toru’s hair – Seiren Interviews


These are short, 2-page manga chapters that were posted on the official Seiren site to promote it. It’s just Amagami characters messing with Seiren’s first three heroines. The manga’s made by Piaisai who’s been doing Amagami stuff for years now. Did a couple of endcards back during the original airing and did the Amagamiっ! and Amagamiっ! Plus! mangas. Apparently he’s doing more Senran Kagura stuff nowadays.

These do make me look forward to Kyouko though.

I also translated the timeline thing posted on the official website. Takayama promised to update it weekly, and he even went through the trouble of writing bad endings and other stuff that won’t make it to the anime, saying he wouldn’t feel satisfied if he didn’t do it.